Trump News Today: Jan. 6 texts ‘erased’ from phones of Pentagon officials, court documents reveal

Trump ‘refused to call off attack’ on Capitol during January 6 riots, US rep says

Text messages received and sent on the day of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol last year were “erased” from government-issued phones of senior Trump administration defense officials, according to court documents.

The Pentagon erased phones belonging to officials including former acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller, former Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy and Mr Miller’s former chief of staff, Kashyap Patel, after handing them in on their resignation on January 20.

“That when an employee leaves [Department of Defense] or the military, he hands over the government-issued phone and the phone is erased,” the document said.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump’s endorsement of “Eric” in the Republican primary for a US Senate seat to replace incumbent Senator Roy Blunt has caused a stir among party members.

There are two GOP favorites named Eric in this race — former Gov. Eric Greitens and state Attorney General Eric Schmitt. Both appeared to assume they were endorsed by Mr Trump. There is also a third GOP candidate named Eric McElroy on the Republican primary ballot.

Mr. Schmitt won the Republican Senate primary on Tuesday.


Trump ‘deserves life in prison,’ says daughter of imprisoned Capitol rioter

One of the daughters of a Capitol Hill rioter sentenced Monday to more than seven years by a federal judge said the sentencing was “unfair” and that Donald Trump “deserves life in prison.”

Guy Reffitt, who brought a gun to the Capitol Riot on January 6 last year and threatened Nancy Pelosi, received one of the longest sentences ever given to insurgents.

“Trump deserves life in prison if my dad is in jail that long,” one of Mr. Reffitt’s daughters, Peyton Reffitt, was quoted outside the courthouse as quoted by CBS News as saying.

reports Maroosha Muzzafar.


Sheriff Arpaio tries to become suburban mayor after losses

Joe Arpaio, the 90-year-old former Phoenix metro sheriff who was ousted by voters frustrated by his headline-grabbing tactics and legal troubles, is attempting another political comeback as he runs mayor of the wealthy suburb where he lived for more than two years. decades.

The stakes for Arpaio in Tuesday’s election are far lower than when he was the top law enforcement official for 4 million people as six-term Maricopa County sheriff.

Now he’s trying to unseat Ginny Dickey, the Democratic mayor of Fountain Hills, a heavily Republican-majority community of about 24,000 on the outskirts of Phoenix.


The ‘bin Laden moment’ murder of al-Qaeda leader Biden, according to Fox News host

Fox News host Bret Baier called the killing of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in Afghanistan a “bin Laden moment” for President Joe Biden.

Mr Baier told viewers of the right-wing news channel that the drone attack that killed the terror boss was a “major catch” for the country moments after the news broke on Monday.


Judd Deere joins Sarah Sanders campaign

A former White House spokesman whose testimony was aired before a House committee investigating the U.S. Capitol riot is joining Sarah Sanders’ campaign for governor of Arkansas.

Sanders’ campaign announced on Tuesday that Judd Deere will serve as its communications director. Deere was among several senior executive hires announced.


Federal grand jury subpoenas Pat Cipollone

Pat Cipollone, a White House attorney for former President Donald Trump, has been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol, ABC News reported Tuesday.

ABC News, citing unnamed sources, reported that Mr. Cipollone’s attorneys were to negotiate the terms of his testimony before the grand jury.

Late last month, Mr. Cipollone testified by videotape before the January 6 committee in a lengthy closed-door interview, which was also part of the committee’s final public hearings.

“I was pretty clear that there needed to be an immediate and forceful response, a statement, a public statement, that people need to leave the Capitol now,” Mr. Cipollone said during his January 6 testimony before the committee.


What’s next for global jihad?


Cyber ​​Ninjas’ ‘Dead Voters’ Claim Debunked by Arizona Attorney General

A firm whose investigation into alleged voter fraud at the behest of Trump loyalists in Arizona could uncover only one case of fraudulent voting under the name of a deceased voter, according to the top elections official in the state.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich sent a letter to Republicans who led the effort to demand a recount of the 2020 state Senate election on Monday. In the letter, Mr. Brnovich describes how the Cyber ​​Ninjas investigation led to hundreds of baseless fraud allegations involving the names of “dead” voters who in fact turned out to be alive.

John Bowden has the story.


Biden task force reunites 400 migrant children with families separated under Trump

A Biden administration task force has reunited 400 migrant children separated under Donald Trump with their families, but advocates say more than 1,000 still remain separated.

The youngsters were from around 5,000 families separated during the Trump administration as migrants crossed into the United States on the southern border with Mexico.


Ron DeSantis plans to fight ‘woke CEOs’ of financial services companies

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has set his sights on the next horizon in his government’s battle in the so-called culture wars: “woke CEOs.”

The Republican governor, seen as a likely candidate for the 2024 presidential election, said during a press conference last week that he plans to take on money transfer giants, such as PayPal, as well as investment funds and banks that try to impose a supposed “woke ideology” on their potential customers. He also hopes to introduce a wave of legislative and executive initiatives that would hamper these companies’ ability to “discriminate” against customers based on their political or religious beliefs.

Reporting by Johanna Chisholm.


Marjorie Taylor Greene says she ‘would be honoured’ to be Trump’s running mate

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has publicly backed the idea that she could hitch a ride on Donald Trump’s potential bid for president in 2024, saying she would be ‘honored’ to run alongside him as his vice -president.

“I think if he asked me, I would definitely give it a lot of thought,” she said when hosts asked her during an interview on America’s Real Voice last week if she would be interested in to be the running mate of the twice deposed president.